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On July 30, 2003, we completed our 4,500 mile journey cycling from San Francisco, CA to Boston, MA. Arriving on the east coast following 49 days of cycling we have become very aware of the incredible gift that life is, and how precious is the support that you have given to those fighting against cancer. We want to give a special thanks to everyone who has donated to the American Cancer Society as well as those who have contributed directly to this remarkable trip in one way or another. We would like to especially thank Goetz Garden Center, Genovus, Temple Israel in Minneapolis, Abby Hotz, and Emory Methodist Church in Vesuvius, Virginia.

Our Mission

To meaningfully contribute to the cure for cancer. We believe that it is important to exemplify the importance of this cause through the display of peerless effort. Furthermore, we design projects to provide sympathizers an efficient means to make their own difference. The overall affect of those who share in these projects is to embody what it is to meaningfully contribute to the cure for cancer. We act together in honor of those whose lives have either been cut short or are courageously battling against deadly cancer.

Our Project

We performed a coast-to-coast bicycle ride to raise awareness for cancer research. From San Francisco to Boston, over seven weeks, and approximately 4,500 miles in length we engaged and challenged people to take up the cause in honor of their own family and loved ones. The following are some key elements that occurred before and during the bicycle ride:
  • Raised approximately $7,000 for the American Cancer Society (ACS).
  • Participated in a string of ACS sponsored events.
  • Spread cancer awareness for the entire 4,500 mile span.


  • Fly to San Francisco, beginning of trip: June 12, 2003

  • Arrive in Boston, end of trip: July 30, 2003

  • Projected Total Mileage: 4,500 miles coast-to-coast

  • Average Daily Mileage: 92 miles per day (average over entire trip)

    A Call for Action

    Cancer has called to us in the past. It has summoned us for the funerals of Lawrence Deml, Tony and Henry Wesley, for Leo Duff, Steve and Loraine Haberman, Hattie Levinsohn, Irving Znaida, and Walter Tuchfarber. We live each day with the survivors as well: Leona Duff, Cathy Goetz, Dick Trochil, Babe Wesley, and others. The adversaries of breast, liver, and prostate cancer loom ominously. We cannot let them battle alone and we will not come together with our families only in death. Cancer has had a profoundly negative effect on our families.

    Like ourselves, many people have families who have been struck by cancer. It is this common fact, as well as the general likelihood of anyone contracting cancer that compels us to fight for a cure. We feel obligated to do something. We have elected to do two things: first, we will raise money for cancer research, second, we will cycle across the country to raise awareness. In honor of those who have passed away or are currently grappling with cancer, we invite you to participate in this worthy project called "cross for the cure"... because you don't know what you've got until it's gone.

    - Josh Haberman and Lee Tuchfarber


    For any questions about Cross for the Cure, feel free to contact Bill Oyler, Josh Haberman, or Lee Tuchfarber.